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Security Cameras Los Angeles

Security Cameras Los Angeles

  • Home or Business
  • PC or Mobile Phone Integration
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
  • Analog or Digital Cameras

Expectations of a Security Camera System

Mount cameras in strategic locations around your office and building.

Create choke points that everyone entering or exiting the building have to pass through. Place a camera at the front door and the back door of your business and capture of the footage of everyone entering and exiting the building. Specially delivery personal and others that are not employeed.

It would be a significant plus if it is possible to mount a camera in the driveway so you can capture the license plate and a face of every vehicle entering or exiting the property. Capturing a license plate number of vehicles would be a plus when making a police report. This can be accomplished with the use of a security camera with a long range lense.

Security Camera Recorders

We have Digital Video Recorders available in 4 Channel, 8 Channel, and 16 Channel recorders.

Recrders can be fitted with a small or large hard drive.

Recorders can be connected to your existing computer network so they can be viewed via a computer monitor screen.

Indoor Security Cameras Los Angeles

Some of the more attractive indoor cameras are te Come Cameras

Indoor Security Cameras Los Angeles

We have a wide variety of cameras available for indoors depending upon you application needs. We have a fisheye camera that make large upclose rooms viewable. A long distance lens would make a long distance object or room viewable

Outdoor Security Cameras Los Angeles

Outdoor Security Cameras Los Angeles

The bullet cameras are best used on outdoor applications as they are more sturdy and rigged. Outdoor cameras are available in a wide range or applications such as a fisheye application or a close up application like for photographing vehicle license plates.

Night Vision Security Cameras

Night Vision Security Cameras

most of the newer model security cameras come equipped with what is known as Infrered technology that support night vision via LED lights mounted in the camera it's self. If possibe leave the lights on at night for a clearer image or the recording.

Security Camera Installation

The latest state of the art security cameras connect via a computer type network. It is best to install or create you camera system over it's own virtual gigabit network with Cat 6 cabling as security cameras tend to use a lot of bandwith and can conjest your existing network.

Request a Security Camera Quote

1. How many indoor or cameras are needed?

2. How many out door cameras are needed?

3. What s the distance of view for each camera?

Once you have compiled all the information please call 800 619 9566 for a professional consultation.