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NEC Business Phone Systems Los Angeles

All new SL1100 and SV8100/8300 system sales include free remote phone system programming with 60 days of updates and life tme support.

NEC Phone System Pricing

ESSI is a factory certified sales team for NEC Phone Systems serving all of Kern, Los Angeless, Orange County, and Ventura Counties.

NEC Sl1100

NEC Business Phones Los Angeles

Teh SL1100 is a modern feature rich system that can affordably meet the needs of most businesses with the needs of up to 112 phones.  The system also supports up to 48 lines in and a T1/PRI line.  The support team at ESSI is very proud to say we are very familiar with the SL1100.

NEC SV9100 and SV9300

NEC SV9100 and SV9300

The Univerge system is available in 3 models.  The SV9100 for small business, the SV9300 for small to mid size business, and the SV9500 for large business applications.

Wireless Headsets

Wireless Headsets

We have Wireless Headsets at a notebly affordable cost plus Wired Headsets for most any modern phone system manufactured in the late 90's to present

VoIP - Voice Over IP

The NEC, Phone Systems fully support most all of the different VoIP applications like trunking for instance, you can connect Vonage of Magic Jack type of incoming lines directly to the Telephone System or you can configure what is known as SIP trunks that are configured or programmed with a user name and password into the system. Doth systems also support what is know as IP phone connected to the system either using your local ethernet network or over the internet at other locations like a home office or a second location. The Panasonic and Samsung also support the connection of multiple systems together providing users the ability to call or transfer callers to other extensions at other locations over the internet.

NEC Replacement Phones

ESSI currently has in stock replacement phones for most older phone systems less then 20 years old.  We can keep your investment alive for years to come.

NEC Cordless Phone

NEC Cordless Phone

Compatible with most of the later model NEC Phone Systems such as the NEC Elite, Aspire, DSX, SL1100, UX5000, and the SV8100.  this cordless phone is not compatible with the DS1000 and the DS2000.  This phone features most all the same features as the desk phones and has 8 programmable buttons so it can see up to 8 lines in.

What to Expect When You Purchase a new Phone System from ESSI.

You can expect courteous and professional sales personal trained to extract the right information to provide you the right phone system application to what your needs are, professional installation services, self installation support, remote programming services to make sure your new system is performing to meet your expectations, all questions answered when needed for as long as you own your new Telephone System.