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Business Phone Systems Los Angeles

Specializing in Sales, Installation, and Support of New Phone Systems in Los Angeles.

Business Phone System Los Angeles

ESSI specialty is in the sales, installation, and maintenance of new NEC and Panasonic Phone Systems. We install new systems in the Los Angeles area plus the entire Southern California region.  We are a factory certified sales and installation team consentrating mostly on NEC and Panasonic Phone Systems serving all of Kern, Los Angeless, Orange County, San Diego, and Ventura Counties.  Request a Quote Today.

Replacement Business Phones

ESSI currently has in stock replacement phones for most older phone systems less then 20 years old.  We can keep your investment alive for years to come.

NEC Business Phones Los Angeles

NEC Business Phones Los Angeles

NEC voted #1 in customer service and satisfaction in 2014. NEC has focused on business phone systems for all types of business, from large business to small business with the needs of a system with as little as 3 phones to larger organizations with hundreds of phones.

Panasonic Business Phone Systems Los Angeles

Panasonic has been a leader in the telephoney world your businesss can count on since the very begining with the latest model line of phone systems that provide all the latest features available today.

VoIP - Voice Over IP

The NEC, and Panasonic Telephone Systems fully support most all of the different VoIP applications like trunking for instance, you can connect Vonage of Magic Jack type of incoming lines directly to the Telephone System or you can configure what is known as SIP trunks that are configured or programmed with a user name and password into the system. Doth systems also support what is know as IP phone connected to the system either using your local ethernet network or over the internet at other locations like a home office or a second location. The Panasonic and Samsung also support the connection of multiple systems together providing users the ability to call or transfer callers to other extensions at other locations over the internet.

Office Cordless Phone

For the business associate always on the go in and around the business facility we have cordless phones that can be added to your new Office Phone System that can cover the whole facility.  We have repeaters and extenders that can connect to the system. When an associate wals away from one repeater or extender the cordless phone will then locate and connect to the next closest repeater or extender.

Wireless Headsets

We have Wireless Headsets at a notebly affordable cost plus Wired Headsets for most any modern phone system manufactured in the late 90's to present

Business Phone System Features

The Panasonic and the NEC Telephone Systems provide many useful features like: Auto Attendant Call Forwarding on and off-site, Call Hold, Caller ID, Call Loging, Cordless Phones, Door Phones, Intercom, Music or Message on Hold, Paging or Public Address, Voice Mail Voice Mail to Email, and a lot more.

Please make sure to let your sales rep know what features you are interested in because licensing and hardware may be required.

What to Expect When You Purchase a new Phone System from ESSI.

You can expect courteous and professional sales personal trained to extract the right information to provide you the right phone system application to what your needs are, professional installation services, self installation support, remote programming services to make sure your new system is performing to meet your expectations, all questions answered when needed for as long as you own your new Telephone System.

Security Cameras Los Angeles

Security Cameras Los Angeles

The biggest trend in Los Angels business these days is keeping safe and reducing shrinkage. A security camera system in your business can reduce the risks of doing business in a highly populated city such as Los Angeles, CA.

Hotel Telephone System

In todays world the need for a fancy Hotel Phone System is not needed as I am sure we can all agree that most every one visiting a hotel or a motel has a cell phone for placing calls, receiveing phone calls, and messaging.  The only need for a phone system in a hotel is for intercommunications when a guest needs assistance.  There is really no need for the large console as the newer reception phones have a display and will clearly display exactly what room is calling so a hotel operator can provide proper assistance.

For mote information about a Hotel Phone System please log onto  and request a quote.

Telephone System Installation

You can expect either professional installation services or support for self installers that want to install the phone system them selves. Once your new phone system is installed we provide free programming services for systems with the purchase price of $3000 or more with 60 days of updates to doubly make sure your new Telephone System is programmed and working the way you want it to work.

Free Phone System Programming

Phone System Programming

We program the systems safely and securely using Show My PC where we log on to your Windows PC and log out when we are done. A Windows PC and a Cable or DSL internet connection is required. A satellite internet connection will not work.

Telephone Repair Tools

We have in-stock most telephone wiring installation, wiring repair tools, and test meters for the Technician whome provides telephone wiring, installations, repairs and diagnostics.

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